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Organic cotton

Our cotton is 100% organic. It is non-GMO and most importantly, no chemicals, artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used in its production. The waste from cotton picking is reused in the animal feed industry. Production with organic cotton also uses 80% less water.


Global Recycled Standard

We try to use as little polyester as possible. However, when we use which, we only use recycled polyester made from PET plastic bottles. The GRS seal of approval certifies this. It also guarantees compliance with strict social and ecological criteria, such as the treatment of waste water, the absence of certain toxic additives and compliance with the working conditions in our partner factories.


Safe, dignified and adequately paid work

We only have our products manufactured in Fair Wear verified factories. That means more pay, better working conditions, more rights for the workers and, of course, no child labor.
For more info visit: https://www.fairwear.org/about-us/labour-standards


peta verified

This means that we do not conduct or commission any animal testing for ingredients, formulations or similar and promise never to do so. In addition, our clothing is made from 100% vegan materials, so you can rest assured that no harm was done to anyone during production.